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Good looking native american actress 20-30

date : du 20/12/2016 au 20/01/2017
Région : Île-de-France

For the co-leading role of a short film/clip on the theme of the TV series ‘Desperate Housewives’, aimed to be released on YouTube, we are looking for a 20-30 year old FEMALE ACTRESS, good looking and with a sparkling temperament. We don’t specifically intend to stick to the series concerning the characters : it won’t be an impersonation performance. So your personality must contribute to create an atmosphere trough the dialogues while staying close to the series specific one. Anyway if you’re looking like one of the main female characters, it’d be appreciated too. Filming date is not defined yet. Intensive role practicing will be organized in advance, as we wish the result to be excellent. It is a self-produced and non-profitable project with a professional and extremly refined finish, conceived by a team of young talents trained by the best French academies. Good visibility and great potential of views on YouTube. => Please send us at least two portraits (face and profile) and a full body pictures, and do answer ONLY if you are a NATIVE american (with perfect american accent).

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