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Comédienne et comédien parlant anglais pour CM

date : du 01/04/2014 au 23/07/2014
Région : Île-de-France

Etudiants en Ecole de cinema, nous préparons un film de fin d'année. Pour cela nous recherchons, deux personnages parlant anglais correctement. - Clara: Cute, naive and very girly. She nows the power she has as a beautiful woman and doesn't mind to use it. She is not a bitch, nor a slut but she is very young and girly. She is a foreigner, ( this si something that can be changed if need, so the foreigner can be the man or none, will depend on the cast). She comes from a poor background, but she is smart and studies in the university. She is normally very cold blooded, but in this moment of her life, in this 7 minutes, she stop being a girl to became a woman so she is totally stressed out and scared. At the same time she realizes of how he is a basterd with her and how less he does care so she explotes. - Marcel: A strong haracter but at the same time with a lot of temperate. taller than her. on his 40-50s. He must be handsome, elegant and smart, Tournage non rémunéré. Casting prévu mi avril

Rémunération : non rémunérée.
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